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COBB Compact

COBB’s Premier Pro Compact Grill boasts all the same abilities as the COBB Premier and Pro, just in a bite-size.

Our Compact Cobb, called this as it has a compressed height in comparison to all other models, is the ideal COBB for those with limited space, both at home and when travelling in a caravan/camper trailer is available in a short black metal base.

The Pro Compact weighs approximately 4.54 kg’s and the size is 31.75cm x 31.75cm x 22.86cm high.

Included Items:

  • Painted COBB Pro Short Base Grill
  • Grill Grid
  • Lifting Tool
  • Instruction Manual

Compact Base Extension Ring Not Included: The Dome Extension with Chicken Roasting Stand is an available attachment item for the Premier Pro Compact that can be purchased separately. The Extension Ring is necessary for the Pro Compact to be used with the Frying Pan, Wok, and Griddle. It also moves the food further away from the heat to prevent it from burning. It is designed to fit over the Grill Grid. The Dome Extension with Chicken Roasting Stand can be used at the same time with the Grill Grid or Frying Pan in the middle.