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COBB Pro - COBB Australia


Design excellence
Distinctive stainless steel design that is built to last. Uncompromising cooking style anywhere.

Easy to clean
Compatible with most dishwashers. Made from high grade hygienic stainless steel.

Safe to handle
Heat is contained on the inside and cool to the touch on the outside. Sturdy and safe.

The Cobb Pro base is made from a mild steel base with an epoxy coating.

The COBB Pro Grill has an enamel painted heat-proof steel Base and available in a Black finish.

In their construction and functioning the Premier and Pro models are both equal in performance. Both providing a great cooking experience. All accessories are interchangeable. The Grill Grid has a convex design with grooves to allow juices and fat to flow into the stainless steel base below. The holes on the perimeter are designed to allow proper airflow in order to support the convection action the COBB is known for. The Grill Grid is covered with Teflon’s highest food-grade non-stick coating. The Inner Sleeve is removable for easy cleaning and fits in a standard dishwasher. The Fire Grid (Charcoal Basket) is removable in order to add a solid fire starter in the bottom. The Pro’s stainless steel Dome Lid comes with holes to allow the coals to keep burning. The Knob handle is insulated for handling while cooking.

The visually appealing painted Base utilizes an alluring, stylish mesh design with round edges.

The Premier Pro weighs approximately 3.63kgs and the size is 28.58cm x 28.58cm x 33.66cm high with the Dome Lid in position.

Included Items:

  • COBB Pro Grill with painted steel Base
  • Grill Grid
  • Lifting Tool
  • Instruction Manual