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The inner sleeve is designed to enable one to do small vegetables inside while cooking a meal and/or for fluids to keep food moist. Liquid can act as a flavouring aid.

  • Maximum of 250ml (1 cup) fluid (wine, beer or water).
  • You can include chopped garlic, onions and herbs in the fluid.

Wrap in foil and cook in the moat. Hard vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and pumpkin should be cut into smaller pieces. Add butter, herbs and spices as required. Cook for ± 40 minutes.

NB! To cook lots of vegetables, you will require an extra briquette at the start.

  • Use an easy bake pre-mix product or buy the dough from your local store.
  • Bread can take up to 45 minutes depending on the method of cooking used.
  • Bread rolls take 35 minutes in total with only 4 briquettes (20 minutes on one side and 15 on the other).
  • Scones take approximately 20 minutes with 6 briquettes.
  • Soak your hickory chips or wood shavings for 10-15 minutes in water.
  • Sprinkle damp hickory chips or wood shavings on top of the briquettes and you are ready to smoke.
  • If you don’t make use of your Cobb for a lengthy period of time, apply a light coat of oil to the metal surfaces.
  • If oil have been applied for storage purposes, ensure your Cobb is cleaned and that all oils have been removed before cooking on your Cobb.
  • Make sure that the charcoal has burnt grey before you start the cooking process.
  • When cooking with the Cobble Stone, turn your roasts constantly as the Cobble Stone generates more heat than charcoal.
  • You can pour a cup of water, beer or wine into the moat of the Cobb when roasting. This adds moisture during the cooking process as well as helps to stop the fat burning during cooking.
  • Try to marinate the meats the night before to help tenderise and add flavour.
  • Allow the meat to reach room temperature before grilling to ensure even cooking.
  • Serve snacks before grilling so you can take your time cooking and the guests don’t get hungry.
  • To prevent burning, soak kebab sticks in water before threading the meat on.
  • Foil is used with the shiny side inwards so the heat can penetrate the foil and will not be deflected.
  • Always heat the Cobb with the lid on and leave lid on during the cooking process to retain the heat.
  • Always remove the lid and the griddle after cooking. NEVER leave the lid on an empty Cobb.
  • To hold the juices inside after the cooking process always let the meat rest before carving.